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Revlon X Kiwi Lee COLORSTAY™

In 2018, REVLON launched a new line of COLORSTAY™ OVERTIME LIP COLOR, which features 10 shades with high saturation, strong color payoff, and a long-lasting 16-hour wear.

For this campaign, MTC collaborated with Taiwanese supermodel Kiwi Lee to create a captivating series of advertisement images. The new lip colors offer a wide range of hues, including subtle wine tones, vibrant coral shades, and deep, alluring reds, catering to various styles and personalities.

Additionally, the product is designed with a dual-ended feature, combining lip color and gloss in one convenient package. This not only saves space in your makeup bag but also allows for a versatile makeup experience on the go.

REVLON's new lip colors feature a hydrating formula, vibrant pigments, and exceptional longevity, making it a must-have makeup item for every beauty enthusiast.

The advertising concept involves capturing Kiwi in various stunning moments, showcasing the different shades of lip colors from subtle wine tones to seductive deep reds, accompanied by visually striking effects. The fast-paced music and smooth visual transitions aim to highlight the long-lasting glossy finish and rich color palette of the lip colors.

Suitable for all occasions, the dual-ended design emphasizes the convenience and practicality of the new lip colors, ensuring that you can effortlessly shine wherever you go.

/2018 年 REVLON推出全新10款飽和度高、顯色度強、持妝效果長達16小時的COLORSTAY™ OVERTIME LIP COLOR持久漆亮水漾光感唇蜜。

這次,MTC 邀請台灣名模 Kiwi Lee(李函)夥拍Relvon 來共同拍攝一系列鮮明又引人入勝的廣告硬照。




廣告意念,透過多角度拍攝Kiwi 不同時刻的美 展示不同色調的唇蜜,從微醺酒紅調到性感深邃的紅色,配合潑墨般的視覺效果,讓觀眾感受到色彩的強烈衝擊力。同時,以快節奏的音樂和流暢的影像切換,展示唇蜜持久漆亮的水漾光感和色彩豐富的魅力。


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