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Solutions / 方案

Helping you make the right decision.

​/ 協助您做出正確的決策。

Whether you're an individual client or a business, we understand that in a highly competitive environment, making the right marketing decisions is crucial.


Service / ​服務

Personal Brand Boost

/ 啟動個人品牌

The need for individual customer strategies lies in providing a personalized experience, emotional connection, special offers, education, and convenience to attract and satisfy the unique needs of individual customers, fostering lasting relationships.

​/ 個人客戶策略的需求在於通過提供個性化、情感連結、特殊優惠、教育和方便性,吸引並保留個人客戶,建立長期的客戶關係。這有助於提高品牌忠誠度和口碑,促進業務的增長。

1.Brand Assessment and Positioning/ 品牌評估和定位​

2. Content Creation and Management / 內容創建和管理​

3. Social Media Management / 社交媒體管理​

4. Teaching Courses / 教學課程

5. Personal Brand Image Enhancement / 個人品牌形象優化​
6. Data Tracking and Analysis / 數據追蹤和分析​
7. One-on-One Coaching and Support / 一對一輔導和支持

Personal Brand Boost / 啟動個人品牌
Personal Brand Boost / 啟動個人品牌

Corporate Growth Accelerator

​/ 企業增長加速器

To assist corporate clients in achieving business growth through brand building, digital marketing, content marketing, and customer relationship management support. Each item can be customized to the client's specific needs and includes professional training and support to ensure the best results.

​/ 協助企業客戶實現業務增長,通過品牌建設、數碼營銷、內容營銷和客戶關係管理等多方面的支持。每個項目都可以根據客戶的具體需求進行調整,並提供專業培訓和支持,以確保達到最佳結果。

1. Brand Building and Positioning / 品牌建設和定位

2. Digital Marketing Strategy / 數碼營銷策略

3. Content Marketing and Creation / 內容營銷和創作

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) / 客戶關係管理 (CRM)

5. Data Analysis and Reporting / 數據分析和報告

6. Professional Training and Support / 專業培訓和支持

A Range of Marketing Strategy Tools

/ 營銷策略的工具

These tools can be combined according to different marketing objectives and strategies to achieve the best market impact and business outcomes. 

/ 可根據不同的營銷目標和策略結合使用,以達到最佳的市場影響和業務成果。

1. Websites / 網站

2. Social Media Platforms / 社交媒體平台

3. Video Creation and Editing / 影片創作和編輯

4. Photography / 攝影及影像

5. Animation / 動畫製作

6. Graphic Design / 平面設計推廣

7. Email Marketing / 電子郵件營銷

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / 搜索引擎優化

9. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / 搜索引擎付費廣告

A Range of Marketing Strategy Tools / 營銷策略的工具

Client Stories

​/ 客戶故事

These stories are about our collaborative efforts with clients, achieving remarkable success through marketing strategies and solutions.

​/ 客戶故事是關於我們與客戶攜手合作,通過營銷策略和解決方案實現了卓越的成就。

Soulgood Bakery is a Hong Kong-based startup dessert brand, and supporting the growth of startups has always been a crucial mission for us.

/ Soulgood Bakery 是一家位於香港的初創甜品品牌,一直以來,支持初創企業的成長一直都是我們的重要使命。

Client / 客戶 :

Soulgood Bakery 

Soulgood began as an online store and has expanded to locations in major shopping malls like K11. The dedication of the founders and the strategic positioning of their products have been key to their success.
/ Soulgood從一個網上店起步,逐漸擴展到K11等大型商場,這一成功背後是創業者不懈的努力以及商品形象的巧妙定位。

Year / 年: 


We are honored to have had the opportunity to support Soulgood on its journey of growth. 


Industry / 範疇: 

Food and Beverage

REVLON - Color Stay Series is thrilled to have internationally renowned supermodel Kiwi Lee 李函 on board for the creation of three distinct short films.[Stay Sweet / Stay Perfect / Stay Glamorous]. These films beautifully showcase the versatile qualities of our Color Stay makeup collection and the unique personalities of superstar model Kiwi Lee 李函.

Client / 客戶 :


/ REVLON - Color Stay 系列很榮幸邀請到國際知名超模Kiwi Lee李函,一同拍攝了三支風格迥異的短片[Stay Sweet / Stay Perfect / Stay Glamorous],以展現Color Stay系列彩妝產品以及超模李函的多元魅力。

Year / 年: 


Industry / 範疇: 

Cosmetics 美妝

the Adidas UB19 window display was a project that took us from concept to design and execution in a remarkably short period of time. We incorporated 3D imagery to showcase the uniqueness of Adidas UB19, creating a three-dimensional, dynamic windmill-like screen. This eye-catching display garnered significant attention at the time.

Client / 客戶 :


/ Adidas UB19櫥窗展示,我們在極短的時間內完成了從構思到設計以及執行的整個過程,並且運用了3D影像來呈現Adidas UB19的獨特之處。我們打造了一個立體風車瑩幕,引起了眾多人的關注和注目。

Year / 年: 



Industry / 範疇: 

Sport Wear 運動服裝

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